There are no accidents

I was in an auto “accident” today. I am fine; no injuries. Praise God!

Princess, on the other hand, got smashed. I couldn’t drive her at all to my appointment, which was, ironically, with Mazda! I got towed and I am car-less indefinitely. This sets back my search for housing for the summer, but I still can attend e-group today where I will be presenting a pros-cons proposal for my plans this summer. I am seeking the counsel of the wise men in our group. Thank you Ted, our fearless leader, for letting me bum a ride with you.

* * *

The shuttle driver who assisted in their insurance investigation brought me home. He spoke with an accent, so I asked him what nationality he was. He said he was Iranian. I asked him if he was Muslim. He said he was brought up that way, but no longer believed in it. I asked him if he believed in heaven or hell. He said he did not. He asked me what my beliefs were so I told him.

I told him about my need for a Savior, since I practically disobeyed all the commandments. (God sends liars, fornicators, thieves, blasphemers, idolaters, murderers to hell ) Since heaven allows only perfect people in, I told him, based on my own works, I did not deserve to go there. All sin leads to death, and I deserved to die. But God sent His only Son to die for man’s sins. It is with a relationship with Him, that I am able to go to heaven, though completely undeserving on my own account. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

I told him that I believed in a God who created me. I did not descend from apes; I wasn’t a product of millions of years of cosmic dust coming together randomly over a slow process. I told him about the wonder of the human body – how could anyone believe it just came together, by chance; without foreplanning or design? (I went into DNA, antibodies, the eye, the brain…)

He asked me what religion I was. I told him my beliefs were based on the Bible. From there, he took a stance that the Bible was written by men, and that whoever knows the truth should just explain it in plain terms, and avoid brainwashing.

He asked many questions: Why does God not use just one language to reach all? (I told him about Babel); He also argued that many people sin because their life situation compels them to. (I told him, that even well-to-do people fall into temptation and sin. Bottomline is, everyone sins. No one deserves heaven) [Romans 3:23]

He said he didn’t believe in heaven. (I told him that his unbelief doesn’t negate its existence) Wouldn’t he want to know for sure whether it existed or not? He answered that he wanted to be sure.

We had to end our conversation because I was home. He felt that our discussion, in his own words, “was going nowhere”. When we ended, I gave him my pocket ESV Bible (which was really pretty, sniff, sniff) and asked him to read it for himself, to seek answers to his questions. It wasn’t about religion, but to find out the truth. His expression softened and asked if I needed it. I said, no, I was giving it to him.

He said we were probably not going to meet again. But I hope we do, in heaven. Please pray for him!


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