Counting my blessings

There are just so many things to be thankful for!

  • MEIPN!
  • A new job!
  • A supportive group from church who is helping me with my move tomorrow!
  • A safe place to move to!
  • Mobility!

It sounds rosy, I know, but this is only half of the picture, as I am incurring a lot of expenses related to school and the move, on top of the car situation. (Princess is gone. She is no longer salvageable.)

The day I received the news was already stressful in itself. I was sleep deprived, driving, using an unfamiliar route, and feeling less confident having come from an accident. The course load was overwhelming (and the warnings about it did not prepare me for the actual shock), to say the least.

The “old” me would have become anxious and focused on the negative aspects of my new situation, but because of the cross, I am able to stay thankful.

That evening, I got a surprise. I asked a classmate for directions to a store near home. Her hubby dictated some directions from his GPS. At the store, I was thinking about how best to economize, when, out of the blue, a lady I didn’t know came up to me with a bunch of coupons, many of them for things I needed at that moment! I was able to get the most out of them, that I actually filled my shopping cart! My original plan was just buy a few items to tide me over, and I was planning to just walk out, cross the street to the rental car. (I parked away from the grocery building because I thought the parking was right there. It was actually the old parking and it was a grocery store that had just renovated) Because of the coupons, I was able to get a lot of stuff and ended up with more bags than I could carry back. The cashier at the checkout counter asked me if I needed help with the groceries and I happily said yes. I felt sorry for the kid who had to lug all my groceries, but I was grateful I didn’t have to do it all by myself. I was tired to the bone. I asked him what the tip rate was (hahaha. my promdi-ness shows) and he said he couldn’t accept any tips.

Right then and there, I said a prayer thanking God for His constant reminders of His providence. For His guidance in my daily commute, for finding my way to the store, finding my way back home (without a map; just someone’s dictation from a GPS), for the rental, for my state of mind despite the lack of sleep and the stress from new surroundings and a new set of expectations.

He is just so amazing. Why find solace and security in anyone else?


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