Missed the bus!!! (It’s OK, you can laugh)

I’ve ridden buses in King County before. But no, I wasn’t prepared for this high-tech bus stop near the new house. When you see your bus approaching, you must alert the driver that you want to get on by pushing a red button that lights up a lamp post. Because I didn’t do that, my bus stopped briefly and before I could yell, (in slow-mo) “Wait!”, it was gone.

I could have waited for the next bus, but because I was on my way to a carpoolmate’s house on the way to class, I did the more expedient thing – call to see if my roommate was still home and if I could just hitch a ride to the carpool meeting place. Luckily, she was still there, and that she was leaving in the next 10 minutes. So I half-walked, half-jogged back to the house lugging my laptop, lunch, and water bottle, all the while thinking of S, who was in the same situation days before. Remembering it was so hilarious that it was all I could do from laughing out loud by myself.

A (my carpoolmate) felt sorry for me so she just said she’d pick me up daily from now on. (Yay)


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