Blessings from the bus driver

OK, so here’s another entry for the commuter chronicles…

My classmate dropped me off at the bus stop and I patiently waited for the bus that would take me back to the transit center. I mistakenly thought that the TC was adjacent to the Regional Library, but nooo… it was actually another stop away. Hahahaha. No worries. A helpful librarian pointed me in the direction of an express bus moving back to the TC, and from there, I asked for a transfer to the next express bus to my stop.

I thought that was the end of my (mis)adventures. Now, I should have known that express buses do not stop at the regular stops unless a passenger asks for it, but I didn’t, and so, the bus kept going until we were on the bridge en route to Seattle! Lalala! When the bus stopped again, I walked to the driver to ask if I should get off and cross so I could take the same bus route back. She told me to just stay on and she’ll bring me back. She made it sound like it was part of her regular route though.

On the way back, she talked about her route and I told her about my past misadventure regarding the lamp post. She gave me a few tips which made me laugh at myself for my previous boo-boos.

When it was time to get off, I realized right then and there, that the driver was supposed to finish her route at the transit center in Seattle, but went out of her way to bring me back to my stop across the lake. What a blessing! Thanks, Cathy!


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