God always answers prayers

Towards the end of last school year, I prayed for better time management skills. I felt I had been spending too much time on the net just playing Scrabulous, catching up on news and trivia about the Blue Eagles. =P

This summer, I especially needed to handle my schedule wisely,  because of how hectic my summer Montessori training was, on top of getting all my things from Federal Way unpacked. When I wanted to set-up my Wifi, I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to penetrate our super-secure system in the house. I’d bring my laptop to the library, to school, and even back to Federal Way, and it would gain access easily, but our home network was something else. It was no biggie though. Because I had access in school, I didn’t really feel a huge loss. In fact, I appreciated the time it afforded me to prepare for class each day without any online distractions.

One day, I was browsing through my notes, and I got to the page where I kept track of all my petitions to God. On each page are two columns – one for the prayer petitions, and one for how God answers them. I had some free time, and began updating the second column. Guess what? Two of my previous entries were, “help with time management” and “exercise more and surf less/no Scrabulous”.  Amazing! I had actually asked for it; I just had forgotten, and/or probably did not expect that God would answer my prayer that way. A month later (although it took me one and a half-months to notice it because Facebook was a blocked site in Bothell), I learned that Facebook had taken Scrabulous out as an application. Woo-hoo. Thank you, Lord. I know you always answer prayers!


2 thoughts on “God always answers prayers

  1. God does answer prayers always. It was about a yeary ago when he heard my prayer to Him and pulled me out of the mess I had created for myself. Drugs had a stronghold on me I could not defeat on my own, but now I sit here delivered from it. Not thru anything I have done but by the Power of God. I know He was always there when I was trying to destroy myself but I was too blind to see His presence. It is different now, I see Him always. In all the things that come about in my life. It appears as though my life is a moving picture and everything that happens fits somewhere because it was either order by My Lord or He allowed to happen. He has not let me down yet. He has been answering all that I have asked. I’m learning to be even more sensitive to His prompting and voice so I can respond in the manner He desires me to.
    I love and worship the God we serve. There is none above Him or before Him.

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