What are your plans?

I recently had a wake up call figuratively and literally. I awoke to C’s knocking on the door. Time check 7am. Aaack! Why didn’t I wake up? It was a mad rush to get to school and fortunately, I wasn’t tardy. Still, it was a good enough warning to myself that I shouldn’t stay up so late. Because even if the work I do is school-related and it gets done, it doesn’t bode well for me not to show up on time!

I struggle with time management constantly. It was a blessing from God that I didn’t have internet at home last summer and I could concentrate on my work for class. Because of what happened, I’m back to reorganizing my schedule!

According to Stephen Covey, a good way to plan is to prioritize tasks into 4 quadrants: urgent and important, important, urgent and not important, and not important. Going through the exercise of listing things that I needed to do and classifying them into the quadrants revealed to me that I’ve been wasting my energy on quadrant 4 things. I also realize that there are days when I don’t put God, who should be number 1 in my quadrant 2, first. Each time I set my alarm for 5:30, but hit snooze and get up at 6, I’ve neglected Quiet Time once more. And within those 30 minutes of “snoozing”, what have I done to contribute to the rest of my day? Nothing. I’m not exactly getting rest time that affects my day dramatically. I have daydreamed or have thought idle thoughts. I may have made mental note to do something for the day, but who knows if I ever remembered to check that note again during the day?

Ultimately, God’s plans are what I want to follow. For the small things that I’m given oversight, I can hope they I align with His will. God can veto them anytime, of course!

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21. (NIV)


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