Lost and Found Cell Phone

I had my first cell phone in 1998 and switched to several different ones along the way. In these 10 years, not once have I lost a handset. There’s always a first time though! It had to be today, in SM Makati, one of the busiest department stores in Makati during Christmas season.

I knew where I left it the minute I realized it wasn’t in my purse. I tried calling it, and was very relieved to hear it ringing on the other end. In a cell phone-savvy country like the Philippines, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to switch a phone’s SIM and claim it as your own. To hear it ringing was good news.

I walked back to the spot I thought I left it and talked with a saleslady who led me to their customer service department. I described the phone (which I couldn’t do well because I didn’t know the cell phone model; all I knew was it was a red and white Nokia). It certainly wasn’t the top-of-the-line kind that a phone snatcher would drool over, but it wasn’t one that was so ugly that someone stealing it would have done me a favor.

It was there! Someone turned it in! Was I relieved! Thank you to the kind soul who returned it!

Have you ever felt bad over losing something? How did it feel to find it again? My item was just a cell phone – easily replaceable. You are not. The bible says angels rejoice over lost souls who are found again. Have you been found?

I love this guy. He’s so jologs for Jesus! The song’s great too. Wait till you hear it.



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