Little snags

Isn’t Satan smart? He knows just how to snag you where you are weak.

I’ve been trying to finish Jeremiah but I couldn’t get through this study. It’s one of the last books I need to study before I can say I’ve read the entire Bible from cover to cover. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for more than a month.  I’ve had a former church member ask me if I’ve finished the Bible already, since he’s already done so. He had to emphasize that we both started at almost the same time.  (How petty! And petty of me to feel discouraged or annoyed, right? Still, I didn’t feel immune to it.) I’ve had a preacher’s daughter tell me that Jeremiah is the hardest book in the Bible to study. It was just a statement of her opinion, not something really meant to disedify me. Even online study guides keep saying that the content is fill with doom.

I know I can always stop and go back to it in time…but stubborn as I am, I want to continue on, if only to spite Satan who just doesn’t want me to succeed! I know if I do, it will not be my victory, but God’s!

Does anyone know any good Jeremiah study guides?

Prophet of Doom

Jeremiah: Prophet of Doom


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