Hitting the Jackpot

There’s this guy on the Premyo sa Resibo (loose trans. Prize from Receipt) website who’s just won a million pesos ($21276.59 at the current exchange rate). He sure doesn’t look it, though!

The expression on his face makes me  think about Arturo Eupeña, the 52-year-old cabbie who was killed by masked men for his lotto prize money of P19 million.

I think about athletes who compete and win abroad and come home to “newfound” relatives asking for balato.

It is a double-edged sword isn’t it? What should be cause for celebration ends up a source of anxiety and misery, something that is better left unannounced, for safety’s sake.

It is a lot like winning the ultimate jackpot – eternal life in heaven.  An uber wonderful prize, but not without its repercussions for the winner in a secular world.

One difference is that it  is one prize that doesn’t run out no matter how many people share in it! There are so many more differences… do you know the others?


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