Happy Freedom Day!

I admit, February 25 passed by many times in the past  and I hardly ever gave it a moment’s notice. To many, especially commuters, around that famous thoroughfare, EDSA,  it’s a day of re-routing and traffic jams.  To student-teachers who live halfway around the world, it is another day on the calendar.

Now that I’ve been blogging more often, I am aware and feel appreciative about what happened in the Philippines on this day in 1986. Through peaceful means, the country ousted a corrupt dictator and freed Philippine press to a certain extent. If EDSA 1986 never happened, who knows whether or not today, I could blog freely and tell others about God’s love and Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice, which freed me from the bondage of sin.

Compared to other countries, the Philippines is relatively freer in terms of  being allowed to share God’s word. I think of missionaries who fly to China and are unable to keep their personal email addresses and blogs, having to create toned down versions of them because the government regulates all internet activity. I think of Saudi Arabia and how people there are not allowed to practice their Christian faith lest they get in trouble. Depending on where you are, freedom of religion/religious expression these days may be hard to come by, even when it is an inalienable right.

Thank God for the events in February 1986 that changed the landscape of Philippine press forever. Thank God for the freedom to share His Word on the internet!


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