Exercise and Scoliosis (1st post for Gratitude Journal)

I want to journal the things I’m thankful for more frequently. Today, I’ll write about exercise!

My motivation to exercise is to keep my scoliosis in check. It’s a condition I’ve had since childhood which worsened when I was in my teens. Major surgery was recommended for me. My mom, a pediatrician, was against it. She tried to figure out what else we could do to bypass the risky operation. The next best thing was I had to wear a brace 23 hours a day for four years, and to exercise daily. Up until that point, I had been sedentary. That drastically changed, because I did not want my condition to worsen.

My scoliosis was God’s gift to me so that I would not take my health for granted. I am a better exerciser because of it!

School-iosis! I had to wear this brace 23/7.

Highschool-iosis! I had to wear this brace 23/7. It was tough.

Thanks to Paulina for asking about exercise motivators!

18give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
-1 Thessalonians 5:18 (New International Version)

*   *    *

A friend of a friend had terminal cancer. Despite the condition, he was always upbeat and thankful for his blessings. When asked to account for his joy,  he explained  (probably not the exact words but), “God does not give us a burden He knows we are unable to carry. I am honored that He entrusted this cancer to me. Whatever the outcome, it is a win-win situation. (I know where I’m headed)”


6 thoughts on “Exercise and Scoliosis (1st post for Gratitude Journal)

    • Hi Pamela.

      Just to clarify – when I said exercise regularly, I meant all forms of exercise, not just exercise for the spine. I run, play badminton, and swim, and on the days that I don’t, I lift weights and do crunches (regular and reverse), isometric hip lifts, and other exercises for my lower and upper abdominal muscles. Increasing abdominal strength keeps the spine from overexerting itself.

      On the days that I don’t run/swim/play badminton, ie, my “rest” days, I do most of my spine-related exercises. I used to do the spine-related exercises daily during my growth spurt (when I was still wearing the brace 23/7 for four years). One of them is what I call the “rotating table” exercise. The starting position (aka table position) is on your hands and knees. From table, cross your left hand over your right, moving to the right. The right hand crosses over the left, and so on. The object is to go from table which is a 90 degree angle, to a 45 or lower, then to go back to 90, doing the same hand crossovers), then repeat the procedure, this time moving to the left. (Does it make sense?).

      The exercises don’t eradicate scoliosis. They are meant to promote flexibility of the spine. I will forever have scoliosis, but I can keep it from getting worse. The rotating table exercise was a custom-made regimen from my scolio doctor. That said, the advice written here does not replace a personal, face-to-face consultation with a licensed professional.

      Hope this helps you in some way. Thanks! God bless!

  1. By the way, a nurse made my gym routine. He changed it around so I can do a lot more stretch exercises with weights. I think the changes are making a difference. It helps to follow a personalized program at the gym so you get to work all muscle groups. 🙂

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