Sick of School?

Don’t you loathe those Monobloc chairs that take their toll on your posture? I have scoliosis, so sitting on them is not fun. To endure long periods of Monobloc use, I make sure I always bring my gray, corduroy lumbar pillow to faculty meetings.

I was on my way to another one of those, when D*, an 11-year-old, stops me.

D: Hey, Ms. Frannie. What’s that pillow for?

Me: It’s for my scoliosis.

D: What, Ms. Frannie? You’re sick of school already?!

* * *

I wrote this entry for my now-defunct Geocities site when I worked in lower elementary (aka GS 1) for a Montessori school in the Philippines.  A previous entry,  Exercise and Scoliosis, made me think of it.


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