Entry #2 in my gratitude journal!

In 4th grade, my Religion teacher asked us about ways our parents got along or did not get along and how they resolved their issues. My classmates talked about how their parents constantly fought.   I remember thinking to myself,  I guess my parents are odd.  They hardly ever fought.  Or at least I didn’t remember them ever fighting in front of me. When they disagreed, they were very respectful of each other. Someone always chose not to continue the fight, and/or not even let it escalate to one.  So when it was my turn to share, I couldn’t recall anything my parents did that remotely resembled what the kids in my class had to say. Rather than feel uncool, I fibbed, “Yeah, my parents fight all the time too.”

They’ve been married 41 years and I got to help plan and celebrate their renewal of wedding vows and reception in Makati, MM, Philippines, earlier this year. Visiting with them was just a joyful time.  I am so thankful God blessed my sister, brother, and I with them, and their example as husband and wife.


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