Entry # 3 in my Gratitude Journal

I’m thankful Ninoy used his God-given talents to do what was right. He knew he that his assassination was a huge possibility, and yet, he knew coming home was imperative to continue his fight against the dictatorship. After spending three years in the US after his triple bypass, Ninoy returned to the Philippines and was shot at the tarmac of NAIA on August 21, 1983.

His sacrifice sparked a revolution that dismantled a 2-decade martial rule in the Philippines. One thing that resulted was a free press for which I am grateful. (Although it is a double-edged sword) The sentiment is that there is still much to be done, however.

People continue to yearn for heroes like Ninoy to lift the Philippines out of its greatest need. I used to be one of those who thought about the supreme importance of leadership and its infinite possibilities for economic change.

However, I no longer adhere to this kind of thinking (that leadership is the solution to the Philippines’ problems) as I believe the only hero Filipinos need is someone who will do more than change the state of the nation around. We need Jesus Christ as our savior, for He has already defeated the real enemy – not a power-hungry tyrant, not poverty, not the communist insurgency. It is sin, which enslaves, and keeps us from truly being free.

The Last Journey of Ninoy can be accessed through TFC Now. Some requirements to view it: Internet Explorer 7 (I know!), TFC Now registration, a Media Viewing License downloaded to the computer you want to view it in and $3 by credit card. (Make sure you have good spyware protection as IE 7 is highly susceptible)


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