Can you love someone unlovable?

Bing*, a managerial executive at a well-known Philippine firm, is effective at her job. Perhaps this was a reason for one of her colleagues to feel threatened by her. During a crisis at work, the said colleague whom we will call Jovita*, convinced their boss that Bing was at fault (a lie). Consequently, she lost several privileges at work, and Jovita took on some prominence at the workplace.

Bing was human. She was tempted (in her own words), to curse Jovita. However, she humbled herself. During this period, Bing’s prayer to God was for her to love unlovable Jovita, for the boss to know the truth, and for him to restore the faith he had in Bing for all her years of service and dedication to the firm. She did not take matters into her own hands, but just waited on the Lord.

In time, someone managing their computer systems found a network error that was traced directly to the past crisis. Bing, in effect, was exonerated, and the spotlight focused on Jovita, who had manipulated things to make Bing guilty of something she had no control of. The boss reprimanded Jovita and gave back to Bing some of the responsibilities she was relieved of.

Jovita suffered another blow as well – her home went down in flames. Rather than recall the past hurt Jovita inflicted, Bing, like the Good Samaritan, prayed for her and helped her through her difficult time. Jovita was able to get a loan and started to rebuild their house. God humbled her, and now she is making amends with everyone at work, especially Bing, whom she used to despise so much. Bing shared to her about God’s love, both through her actions and in her verbal testimony.

Can you guess what happened to Jovita? Yup! She surrendered her to life to Jesus.

* * *

I was so blessed by this that I had to share it. I had to change the names and leave out some details, but this is a true story.


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