Top 10 Telltale Signs Your Heart Bleeds Blue

(A little break from Ondoy)

10. You have Blue Eagles memorabilia from waaaay back.

9. You remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when Gec Chia made the shot.

8. You watch the games live, go to the Gesu after (even if you’re not Catholic), then hurry home to watch the replay.

7. Nonoy for President is not a typographical error.

6. People congratulate you when you when the Eagles win!

5. You find ways to watch the games even when abroad.

4. Your pic was on and/or the 2002 coffee table book.

3. Your doctor has required you not to cheer too loud at the games, lest your laryngitis recurs.

2. You unabashedly take a sick leave to watch  the juniors and seniors game. (Or you bring papers to mark during timeouts.)

and last, but not least… the number one telltale sign your heart bleeds blue is…

1. You never stopped being a fan, even during the Dark Ages.

Congrats to the  Ateneo Blue Eaglets and Ateneo Blue Eagles for winning double back-to-back championships! 2008-2009

Congrats Ateneo Grade School for winning SBP!

Happy Sesquicentennial Ateneo de Manila University! 1859-2009

Win or lose it’s the school we choose!



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