Pangngalang Panlalaki – Brod Pete

This really happened in the late 90s, when Ang Dating Doon on Bubble Gang enjoyed a strong following. I was a Montessori teacher-trainee in an AMI school in Southern Metro Manila.

I was setting up a Filipino grammar work with a child in her second year in Montessori elementary. Our work was on feminine and masculine nouns. The filling boxes are usually ordered from abroad and they are in English. Since there were no filling boxes in Filipino, I improvised. We set up two classifications of Kasarian ng Pangngalan: Pambabae (feminine) and Panlalaki (masculine). (During the first lesson we didn’t include the other classifications Walang Kasarian (no gender) and Di-Tiyak (unspecified). It wasn’t appropriate for the game anyway.) The object of our game was to select a noun from a pile of cards, place it under the appropriate heading, then think of its equivalent in the opposite heading. We were doing quite well, when we finally got to “madre” (nun). Mayumi* places it under Pambabae. Then she pauses… “Hmmm…Brod Pete?”

Brod Pete Frannie Bunye

*Had to change the student’s name =)


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