My Jesus Year/Looking Back at 2009

2010 is going to be an exciting year! I am 33! The age when Jesus, the Lamb of God, paid the penalty for the sins of mankind, and proved that He was God!

I am extremely grateful for the blessings of the past decade and year, all undeserved. God is so good and rich in mercy! Glory and praise to Him alone!

These are but a few highlights of a very blessed 2009…

– I got to spend Christmas with family in the Philippines!

– My mom and dad celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary with a renewal of wedding vows (I was in the Philippines for that too!)

– Ateneo won a double back-to-back championship and a rare grand slam in Men’s basketball on its sesquicentennial!

– Took major steps in eating healthier and exercising better (started running and doing a little bit more research on the best kinds of food)

– I got to witness and be blessed by the Bayanihan spirit during typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng

– I finished reading the Bible!

…and of the decade. You could say it was a decade of liberation from near-sightedness, physically and spiritually:

– Started a public blog (2008)
– Went out of my comfort zone and did door-to-door evangelism (2008)
– Joined children’s ministry (2007)
– Drove 400+ miles back and forth to visit family in Tonasket! (2007)
– Died to my old self and resurrected with Jesus Christ. Focused my eyes on the unseen eternal. (2006)
– Grew up in Washington State (2005-2008)
– Took a course in Montessori and got connected to a Christian Montessori school that eventually connected me to WA and my rebirth (2002)
– Had lasik! Started eating healthier (2001)

Here’s to the year of our Lord 2010, and another decade of knowing Him more. I’m excited!


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