Jars as a catch-all for organic compost

Hahaha! Here’s what I did to save compost material in the beginning. So crude!


Sandwiches and sandwich spread? Nope! These are my pre-composting containers (PCC) ha! 🙂

A housemate who was into organic composting kept jars as catchalls for her organic scraps. She was a meat-eater so her jar didn’t fill up quickly.

In contrast, I, a veggie lover, have two days worth of scraps in several containers already! These get emptied when I have the time to bring it to the composting site, which is once a week.

What I put in:

Anything leftover from food prep. If I prepare kangkong, the stalks go in. If I’m juicing fruit, the peels, seeds and the leftover pulp goes in. I’ve also put it in hair, fingernails and eggshells. If it’s hair, I usually include the paper that I wrap it in.  Have you tried keeping organic scraps for future composting? Send me your pictures!


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