Do you want to watch a live NBA game for free?

Yes please!!!

(Heart starts screaming, jumping up and down and doing cartwheels.)


My original date, my dad, who was the one who had been given the complimentary tickets, suddenly had to back out. He wasn’t sure what time he would get out of a meeting. And my mom hadn’t been feeling well and he wanted to be home right afterwards.

That gave me limited time to invite a proxy. But who to pick?

Heart also wants to invite -bleep bleep- (insert name of Christian leader), but the brain is feeling really stupid for even thinking it. (The heart is deceitful! Jeremiah 17:9 Trust in God and lean not on your own understanding! Proverbs 3:5-6)

So I prayed  for the right match.

Immediately, three people came to mind.

I was hoping I would see candidate #1 on Wednesday during D12.

Thursday was the day of the game.

But by Thursday morning I still hadn’t seen her.

A few names were impressed on me but I reasoned with God. The first person  didn’t even like basketball! Could I bless her some other way? It would have been an opportunity to turn the other cheek, but I was hesitant to go through with the invitation. I was so not at peace with it.

Then a perfect shot!

Jamie, who had actually been feeling stressed out that morning, had, unbeknownst to me, been praying for the tickets for weeks! I missed her FB post on this but God sure didn’t!

O happy J!

O happy J, FB-ing that we are here! Or were you texting Shai to ask if we could meet James Harden?

God couldn’t have picked a better sub for my dad when He picked Jamie!

* * *

A lowlight:

Jeremy Lin  came in as a late substitution after the crowd kept asking for him to be fielded in! What I found off-putting was this heckler saying “Wala!” while he was shooting. IMHO, if you want to heckle, do it in your hecklee’s language. Duh.



Jamie’s reaction when I told her on the phone.

Donald Sloan shooting a free throw and someone in the rafters yelling, “Go Ginebra! Fight, fight, fight!”

Me pointing out celebrity sightings to Jamie. “Hey J, look it’s KC! Hey J, look, it’s Megan!” Jamie, laser-focused on James Harden, saying, “So?! I don’t care!”

Megan who?

Megan who? – J, the NBA snob

This is the guy I've been watching out for -J

This is the guy I’ve been watching out for -J. Guys, check out Larry Bird! -F.

Being the bomb in a photo bomb with Alex Compton post-match.

Seeing the legends all in one place.

IMG_0283 IMG_0284 IMG_0285

And  of course, being blessed to be a blessing!

1st quarter score

1st quarter score

This was my second NBA game. My first was in Key Arena, Seattle, in 2005, because my boss had free tickets and some staff members got to go! The Sonics won (Go Ray Allen! Wooo!) and for being an early bird, I even got a Sonics blanket, which unfortunately, got towed along with Princess when she was totalled in 07. Fail!



Center Court

Center Court

Seattle Fire Department vs Seattle Police Department (dodge ball at half timel) Fire department won.

Seattle Fire Department vs Seattle Police Department (dodge ball at half time) Fire department won.

Yay, Sonics won!

Yay, Sonics won!



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