I heard a badminton coach say, “Connection is key. People think the drills should come first, but that is wrong. Without connection, your skills are for naught. Work on your connection first. Everything else will follow.” (Paraphrase)
Said the same coach: A player who is “connected” as opposed to being just “ready”, has a bigger chance to return the shuttle over the net; has a better chance at winning a rally; has an edge in excelling. His stance enables him to receive the shuttle at the best possible angle, and on time. The direction he takes with his shuttle is decisive. His shots are a result of wise decision-making that is automatic/like second nature, but not reactive.
Connection is Key!

Connection is Key!

This nugget of wisdom (albeit from a secular source) could not have come at a more opportune time. A group of friends want to take badminton training together so we could compete at a higher level. God blessed me last year when I was asked to facilitate this group. And it is not work at all for me!

More importantly the “badminton connection” he talks about is an excellent metaphor for intimacy with God being of paramount importance. It is more important than ministry work itself. I heard it repeatedly in 2012: “Ministry is the outflow of your intimacy with God.” Not the other way around. So too we must keep going back to our first love, to knowing Him intimately, first and foremost (because  ministry may sometimes take your focus off of God, if that makes sense. Check out Luke 10:38-42.) Jesus gave us a good example of how one ought to jealously guard one’s alone time with God by frequently withdrawing from large crowds to pray and connect with Him.

I am praying for Connection to God more than ever. So many things vie for my attention, and without a Connection, I will tend to set the big rocks aside for the sand to fill up my jar.  I am glad that messages like these find their way to me in the most unexpected of places. I sought badminton skill tutorials, but got doubly blessed by a reminder about connections. Is my God amazing or what?
How do you jealously guard your daily connect time/quiet time with God?

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