Why Metanoia?

I love God and hope to share to you a little bit about His love through this blog and how He is working in my life.

If I could pick just a few things to share about me, it would be:

In high school, I discovered that my mild childhood scoliosis became so severe, that I needed to have major back surgery.  My mom, a pediatrician, was aware of the huge risks involved. Instead of going through with the operation, we opted for the next best thing: wearing a brace 23/7 for four years, or until my iliac crest closed (in layman’s terms, when I stopped growing taller).  My condition made me examine my lifestyle. From being a sedentary person, I’ve made a complete 180 and started exercising daily.  Today I’m a badminton aficionado, and I’m also currently training to run 5k.   Though I miss swimming and snorkeling in the hot and humid rainforest belt known as the Philippines,  I’ve come to appreciate how outdoorsy the Seattle-ites are! I’m a new fan of REI!  I also am a die-hard Ateneo Blue Eagles supporter and follow them even from abroad! I still have scoliosis. I will not be rid of it, but I can maintain physical activity to keep it from getting worse.

I’ve been vegetarian for eight years, and last year I tried a vegan diet.  It was tough at first but I eventually got the hang of it. For the record, my foray into the vegan diet (emphasis on diet as opposed to lifestyle) was for health purposes and not for any political or pro-earth agenda. About two months ago, I went raw, and I think I will be raw for a while.

I was miraculously saved by God’s grace in October 2006 in Seattle, WA.  It is such a joy to walk with Him daily. The Holy Spirit gives me courage to share what I’ve come to know about  God through the Bible. I don’t claim to know all there is to know about Him, and I can’t even say I will be as articulate as I hope to be, but I will definitely keep boasting about the His accomplishments in my life.

My soul will boast in the LORD; let the meek hear and rejoice. – Psalm 34:2

You could say that I chose the name Metanoia for my blog because of these fundamental changes in my life (from being sedentary to physically active, from being a complete carnivore to vegan, to raw, and from dead woman walking to a still very much spiritually-deprived person who walks with God.  I first heard the word metanoia in high school. My Christian Values Education teacher said it meant radical change, much like what Saul experienced when he became Paul. Some theological books would also say it means repentance. Other sources say it means something as simple as changing one’s mind.

I love all those definitions.  (Word nerd alert!) When I think of how the Holy Spirit moves a person to conversion, one does experience a supernatural radical change. A Christian must turn away from sin to be able to follow Christ fully. He is  commissioned to bear witness about Jesus Christ.  Even though I hope that by my testimony, readers will change their minds about living for themselves, it is not in my power to do so.  I can only ask the Holy Spirit to guide my studies and how I share these with others. But no amount of research, writing, or gimmicks can win a soul. Conversion is completely His discretion.

I will be chronicling things I’m learning from my walk. My aim is to be completely rooted in  Scripture especially in the serious posts.  Bear in mind that if you do not share my views, you may be offended by what is posted here.  I am hoping that I am able to convey the impolite truth as gently as I can. However, I will not apologize for anything written here that has its bases on God’s Word. If I ever highlight my own successes, instead of acknowledging God, drop me a line and rebuke me! Let me know also of any inaccuracies (my biblical interpretations, etc) and I will correct them. The less serious posts will be uh, less serious.

franniebu baptism

My baptism! (Federal Way, WA, March 2007)

Thank you Samantha Bird for the painting used in the header of the blog!

By the way, several parts of the blog are password protected since they deal with reflections on ministry and/or spiritual growth and personal prayer requests. If you know me personally, feel free to ask me for the password. Also, some posts are strictly for accountability partners only.


Updated 12/11/2010


2 thoughts on “Why Metanoia?

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier and what a joy in knowing that someone out there really loves the Lord and who have passion in sharing the Good News.

    I’m glad to know that you’re a vegan too and will be a runner sooner or later.

    Will it be alright If I could add you up in my blogroll?

    Thanks and keep the flame burning…til He comes!


  2. Thanks Frannie for sharing your blog to the world.Christ really change a person radically..and that change comes every passing day until we see Him face to face.

    God Bless and hope to hear many more of Him in your blogs as He changes you from glory to glory.


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