I heard a badminton coach say, “Connection is key. People think the drills should come first, but that is wrong. Without connection, your skills are for naught. Work on your connection first. Everything else will follow.” (Paraphrase) Said the same coach: A player who is “connected” as opposed to being just “ready”, has a bigger […]

Yay! Who’s Next?

I was really young when my paternal grandmother died. When my dad told me this, I imagined she was up in heaven and happy. I couldn’t express this well—all that came out was, “Yay! Who’s next?” Boy was I in trouble after that! For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. – […]

Jars as a catch-all for organic compost

Hahaha! Here’s what I did to save compost material in the beginning. So crude! Sandwiches and sandwich spread? Nope! These are my pre-composting containers (PCC) ha! 🙂 A housemate who was into organic composting kept jars as catchalls for her organic scraps. She was a meat-eater so her jar didn’t fill up quickly. In contrast, […]

Composting via Direct Soil Incorporation for Good Soil

My Gulay Girl blog has been invaded by something! I’m transferring most of the posts from there to this blog, making updates and comments, then retiring the original blog completely.  Here’s one of my first posts in 2010: I am really excited to start organic gardening! We have always had our garden in Alabang, but […]