I heard a badminton coach say, “Connection is key. People think the drills should come first, but that is wrong. Without connection, your skills are for naught. Work on your connection first. Everything else will follow.” (Paraphrase) Said the same coach: A player who is “connected” as opposed to being just “ready”, has a bigger […]

Finishing Well

When R and I signed up for Run to Build, we had our apprehensions. I felt that the days leading up to the race were sooo unbearably hot, and both she and I felt we lacked practice to see it through. The eve of the race, a friend needed some help, and the old me […]

Pangngalang Panlalaki – Brod Pete

This really happened in the late 90s, when Ang Dating Doon on Bubble Gang enjoyed a strong following. I was a Montessori teacher-trainee in an AMI school in Southern Metro Manila. I was setting up a Filipino grammar work with a child in her second year in Montessori elementary. Our work was on feminine and […]

Top 10 Telltale Signs Your Heart Bleeds Blue

(A little break from Ondoy) 10. You have Blue Eagles memorabilia from waaaay back. 9. You remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when Gec Chia made the shot. 8. You watch the games live, go to the Gesu after (even if you’re not Catholic), then hurry home to watch the replay. […]