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Buy and Share Flea Market : October 1st :D

Hello! Ccf Makati is holding a Buy and Share flea market on October 1 to raise at least Php 200,000.00 for the construction of the worship hall at A- Venue. We would love it if you could donate pre-priced 2nd hand items such as:

* Clothes
*Home Accessories
* Shoes
* Sports equipment
*Health and wellness products

*Designated drop off point: 3rd floor CCF Makati Hall Admin Office, A-Venue, Makati Ave.
We’ll be accepting goods starting Sept 9 to Sept 29,2011 from 2pm to 7pm.
*Venue for Oct 1,2011: To be announced.

For further details you may contact Nica Rodriguez (09178128707) and Marco Escudero (09062541396). Please help us spread the word! Thank you and God bless!

Finishing Well

When R and I signed up for Run to Build, we had our apprehensions. I felt that the days leading up to the race were sooo unbearably hot, and both she and I felt we lacked practice to see it through. The eve of the race, a friend needed some help, and the old me would have just said, “Sorry, but I have something important to do tomorrow.” but because I took the previous Sunday’s sermon to heart – (not boasting about myself here but how the Lord is changing me) treat others as you would like to be treated -I felt supernatural prodding to stay up later than planned to help her out. You have to understand that this was very difficult for the old me to have done because the race’s call time was really early in the morning, and I made a commitment to myself since August 2010 to jealously guard my sleeping hours to allow my body to heal.

I prayed for my friend and prayed to God to help her the way she needed to be helped at thAt partcular moment and just left the results up to Him. I found I was able to do what I could and there weren’t any anxieties about lost sleep or stamina in the process of allowing myself to be inconvenienced.

The following day, I woke up without feeling the lack of sleep. I got to the meeting place on time and noticed that for the first time in weeks, it was cloudy! No sun, no heat, just the vibe of a great day ahead.

At gunfire, R and I began our pace. She had gone on a previous race and told me that the sheer number of participants would thwart any fast starts, so there was no pressure. I noticed though, that she picked an uber slow, jog style pace. I bit my lip, telling myself that I promised that we would wait for each other, although we did try to overtake others who were also taking their time. I would ask her from time to time if she was ok to go on. She was.

Even though I didn’t like the pace she picked, I discovered that after the first kilometer, it was the perfect one for both of us. We were sufficiently warmed up and by the second kilometer, we had hit the zone. We were soon catching up to others who had started strong but were beginning to lose steam, and yet we knew that we had enough energy left to finish without stopping. (we did pause at the water station)

Di baleng sumuka, wag lang susuko ! -so went one of the organizer’s megaphones.

Little kids, big kids, people of all shapes and sizes were encouraging sights to see.? I even saw an elderly missionary couple, joining just to walk and finish. The race wasn’t an end in itself, after all, but to help
build a new church building in c5.

And then, finally, the finish line. With the end within sight, we decided to increase our speed and finish with flair. Yeah. We finished just under 27 minutes. Our tortoise-y pace notwithstanding. No rain, no injuries, walang sumuka, walang sumuko.

We were super pumped up and stayed to see the top finishers awarded. Well, yeah okay, we were secretly hoping we would win raffle prizes. We found out that the winners ran one category in less than nine minutes. We looked at each other and jokingly said we’d go for a greater distance race once our times improved to 9 minutes. He he.

I later told a Dgroup member about the experience – that in practice, I could never do that distance by myself without stopping several times for water or wanting to stop, and yet, with the presence of a race buddy, I finished well. She wasn’t surprised. It isn’t about racing, she said. The Christian run is more akin to a marathon. The prize, incorruptible. Running with someone is all the more needed to foster accountability, encouragement, and shared frustrations and triumphs. We were made for relationships.

Ain’t that the truth.

Pastor Peter Tan-Chi says, don’t be a lone ranger. Be accountable to someone in your Christian run. Finish well.

Forgiving Others Who Wrong You

Can you forgive someone for killing a loved one? This guy did.

Peace Born Out of Tolerance: A Legacy of Alfredo Bunye, an article about my grandfather in Hiroshima Research News (Vol. 13 No. 3 March 2011)

Thank you to Dr. Hitoshi Nagai for writing the article and Ms. Yuko Takahashi (editor of Hiroshima Research News, the newsletter of Hiroshima Peace Institute) for permission to relink this right here.

6-week love study (free raw food for my group)

Everybody is normal, until you get to know them. – John Ortberg

Why do we yearn for relationships, and then pull our hair out when we are in them?

What can we do about the increase in single parent-families/parent absenteeism?

Come to a 6-session study on love and relationships kicking off on Feb 18, Friday in Ortigas, 7-9pm. Succeeding sessions are Fridays. I need your confirmation for the headcount/food count for my group. I’ll bring vegetarian food, but do tell me your food preferences and/or restrictions. The group is for single females.

Single males will be assigned to their own group (sorry, I don’t know what kind of food will be served to you. Basta in my group masarap.)

Marrieds have a different schedule – if you and your spouse are interested to attend, let me know and I can get the details for you. (don’t know what food arrangement is for this group either)

What was the last thing Jesus smelled/tasted before He died?

What a blessing that was to have been able to go to Israel last year! I don’t think we hit all the spots where we went. Writing about our visit made me recall Mark Driscoll’s series on Luke, where he mentions some sites that would have been nice to visit.

Do you recall from early Religion classes where they teach you that when Jesus said, “I thirst,” it meant that the people finally had compassion for him and gave him “a cloth soaked in vinegar propped on a stick’ so he could quench his thirst? Mark D asks, “Were they really being compassionate?” What was the cloth soaked in vinegar propped on a stick used for in Jesus’ time?

A jar of wine vinegar was there, so they soaked a sponge in it, put the sponge on a stalk of the hyssop plant, and lifted it to Jesusโ€™ lips. John 19:29

If you are free, watch the whole video (1:12), but if you are in a hurry and just want to get to the answer, read the transcript, and find out what the cloth soaked in vinegar was for. I recommend watching the whole video though.